Maryley is a hip and feminine brand well-known for their jeans with exceptional fit, and brilliant designs.
Maryley is not afraid to play with colors, prints and a wide variety of fabrics, which makes Maryley jeans completely outstanding and incommensurable.
All Maryley jeans are designed and produced in Italy.
Maryley follows the Pronto Moda principle, which allows us to present new exciting collections to our customers, more frequently than what's usually possible in the fashion industry. This is a great advantage to our customers, because they always have the opportunity to spice up their shops with fresh news, and thereby keep their stores trimmed and exciting, without having to invest in large inventory stringent. That way, we are all adaptable and together we can act on all the new trends and tendencies arising through the seasons.
Maryley makes jeans for all body types, and their amazing fit ensures – THE BEST BUTTOM IN THE CITY!